The perfect white smile you’ve always dreamt of

For years Lindsay Anderson was un­happy with the shape and shade of her teeth. “Whitening wouldn’t necessarily bring my teeth up to the shade I wanted, and wouldn’t resolve the structure of my teeth, so I started to think about veneers,” she says.

Lindsay looked at different UK clinics. I was nervous, so they had to be friendly, approachable and affordable. Two years later, a friend showed me her bright, white veneers and it pushed me to look harder!””
She discovered Synergy Dental Clinic, who have a Blackpool branch.
”This was brilliant. Dr Zuber Bagasi made me at ease before a full examination of my teeth to ensure I was a suitable patient for veneers, and that this was the best option.
“I went back to have impressions. a diagnostic wax-up, lo get a good idea of what the end result would be.
“Two weeks later I went to have my teeth prepared, ready for the veneers. I was nervous, but the dental team were supportive and assured me I had nothing to worry about.

“Dr Bagasi was patient and really helped calm my nerves. A nurse held my hand throughout, and in what felt like no time at all, my temporary veneers were on. I could already see an improvement.
“After 10 days, Dr. Bagasi showed me the veneers. They were brilliant – so straight and white! I closed my eyes and opened them to see a brilliant white smile, and can’t describe my happiness.
“The result is what I wanted for so many years. ‘I’ve become a permanent patient at Synergy and would recommend them to anyone. Dr Bagasi and team were fabulous. I can’t thank them enough for my perfect, white smile.”

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