Smokeless Tobacco

The short answer? Yes. There are two types of smokeless tobacco – chewing tobacco and snus. Both types are highly addictive and cause serious health problems due to releasing several chemicals and poisons such as carcinogens when used.

Mouth cancer is among the most serious health risk that is linked with smokeless tobacco. You are four times more likely to get mouth cancer with continued use of having poisons released in your mouth. Research shows that people who chew smokeless tobacco containing areca nut have a bigger risk of developing cancer in the mouth, throat, stomach and pancreas.

While smokeless tobacco can harm your dental health, your overall health is also at risk. Nicotine causes your body to produce more cholesterol, and as a result, you are more likely to develop conditions such as heart disease, strokes and respiratory disease. Smokeless tobacco is just as every bit as harmful as regular cigarettes, if not more as smokeless tobacco can contain twice as much nicotine than the average cigarette. A single can of chewing tobacco can release as much nicotine as 60 cigarettes into your body.

It is absolutely vital that you visit your dentist on a regular basis if you are a smoker or use smokeless tobacco in order to keep your health in check. Because of this habit, your check-up will involve a full mouth examination to keep a lookout for any signs such as painless mouth ulcers, white or red patches in the mouth or unusual lumps or swellings.