Patient’s new handcrafted smile

To give people with missing teeth a second chance at a confident life requires a lot of skill.

Luckily, at award-winning dental group – Synergy Dental – qualified professionals are ready to help.

Synergy’s implantologists take pride in the work they do, and the lives they change. Patients who choose to undergo an implant procedure, are given a fixed and permanent solution to an otherwise difficult problem.

One of Synergy’s many patients, who made her own self-referral, consulted with Dr Zuber Bagasi hoping to get the best options for her missing tooth. This patient went thorough the essential steps to get her missing tooth replaced.

The results (pictured) show how her smile was transformed in a matter of days.

After no longer than 20 minutes of surgery and a stress-free healing period, the patient now has her very own custom-made crown and fitted implant.

This replicated her missing tooth, making her smile feel complete again.

Thankful for her treatment and new-found confidence, the patient now has a smile to be proud of.

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