How my dentist saved my life

My name is Shirley Stonehewer and I’ve been a patient at Syn­ergy Dental Clinic since 2007.

After seeing Dr Zu­ber Bagasi for about a year, I asked his ad­vice about my missing teeth.

Dr Bagasi explained the options and after a lot of thought I decided on dental implants.

I’m a nervous patient but the Synergy team answered my questions and made me feel re­laxed. I had the implant surgery in 2008.

The whole treatment process took almost four months, and the team looked after me and kept me informed throughout.

It has really improved my quality of life and I feel much more confident.

I decided to stay with Synergy and I now enjoy my visits to see Dr Bagasi rather than being a bag of nerves.

But at one after-care appointment, Dr Bagasi noticed an abnormality. I was seen by his hospital specialist colleague within 24 hours.

I am currently undergoing treatment and have been told that if the lesion hadn’t been spotted by Dr Bagasi, I proba­bly wouldn’t be here now to tell the story. I’m so happy and grateful that Dr Ba­gasi and his team were diligent in my routine examination. lf I hadn’t received the advice. the problems could rapidly have deteriorated.

I feel he has contributed to saving my life.

My advice to anyone who hasn’t visited a dentist for some time is to get booked in.

Even if you’re scared or nervous, as I was, the team at Synergy Dental will re­ally put you at ease and do their best to make you feel comfortable.

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