Good planning will help create that perfect smile

Q. How can I make my smile ready for the next wedding season?
A. September is behind us and so the peak of the wedding season for this year.

Planning in advance for the next one, however, is a good idea as a bright, confident smile lights up any wedding picture and makes your face look younger and more attractive. The impact this makes on your overall look and perception by others cannot be overestimated.

Neglected teeth can add years to your age, making some people hesitate to smile or even avoid group photographs.

Your dentist can fix the vast majority of your smile problems, but some procedures take more time than others. The easiest thing is for your dentist to give your teeth a good clean — ideally with the dental sandblaster — replace old, discolored and black fillings and subsequently whiten them all.

If your teeth are heavily discolored or have cracks, then veneers or crowns could be necessary to give the desired outcome. While missing teeth can be replaced with removable dentures or fixed bridges, the closest thing to a natural tooth is an implant.

And, although implant treatment can give some spectacular results, it takes a few months to plan and perform. Crowded, overlapping front teeth or spaces between them can be nicely aligned with one of the short-term orthodontic procedures.

Overall, however, it can take up to nine months from consultation to the appointment to remove appliances so it’s worth acting now.

So if you don’t give your smile 10 out of 10, see your dentist and ask what can be done to improve it.

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