Getting dental implants on the same day

Many patients arrive at their dental practice in the hopes of getting a full fitted bridge on the day of their implant surgery.

While certainly possible, it comes with various risks. Take synergy’s recent patient – Michael – who referred himself directly to Dr Bagasi after suffering from the onset of periodontal disease. His discomfort was further compromised with an uncomfortable denture.

Michael underwent the treatment for an upper implant fitted bridge. The treatment went well and the surgery, to plan. Michael was incredibly happy with his results, but he was even more impressed with being able to leave his implant placement appointment with a full set of new teeth.

Michael got a full temporary fixed bridge attached to his new implant, but this may not always be an option. The decision will ultimately come down to your dentist and their opinion.

Putting an unnecessary strain on new implants could cause them to heal incorrectly and cause complication. If your dentist feels you are eligible for having a temporary fixed bridge, without the potential for complications, they will work with you to achieve this.

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