DIY braces dangerous?

Q. Are DIY braces dangerous?

A. The internet can be a resourceful tool for those looking at DIY projects or every day “hacks”, but it can also be full of dangerous ideas such as medical procedure hacks. Recently, there have been a lot of videos circulating sites such as YouTube on DIY Braces with tips and tricks on teeth straightening at home using household items such as hair bands.

To be absolutely clear, these methods are dangerous and should not be attempted because it will not provide you with the end result you are hoping for. These do-it-yourself hacks will end up causing you more harm than good and could lead to tooth loss, severe pain and infections.

If one of the teeth you’re attempting to adjust has less bone around the root, it may move at a faster rate than the other tooth and could cause misalignment or even cause more gaps between other teeth. Rubber bands can also have the tendency to slip under the gum, causing inflammation and infection – thereby affecting the overall health of your teeth.

You should only see a trained dental professional, such as an orthodontist, who goes through years of special training in order to correctly fit braces, whilst taking into account how each individual tooth will move in order to provide a satisfactory (and safe) end result that you can be proud of.

Speak to your dentist about the range of affordable orthodontic options that are available. Don’t risk permanent damage to your teeth in order to achieve the perfect smile.

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