Dentists will calm your nerves

Q. I feel very nervous when it’s time to visit my dentist. Can you help?

A. According to NHS statistics, about 25 per cent of us don’t like going to the dentist — it’s one of the most common phobias people face. If you are worried that the dentists won’t understand your fears, let me assure that they will. We’ve seen and heard it all before.

Dentists nowadays are a lot more sympathetic about these feelings and are able to offer ways to help you when you have an appointment. One of the methods of relaxing that may be offered to you is through an intravenous sedation (IV).

This is given through an injection on your arm, or on the back of your hand. Dosage amounts depend on the treatment that is required and how long it takes to complete.

With IV sedation you feel drowsy and become oblivious of any treatment you’re having, but are still able to communicate. IV sedative usually takes quite a while to wear off — your dentist will be able to advise how long it will actually take.

After the treatment, it can up to 24 hours for it to clear from your body. If you’re scared of needles then your dentist may be able to offer you inhalation sedation — which is the good old gas and air. This is great for helping you to feel relaxed and ease any anxieties.

Don’t be afraid to speak with your dentist about sedation options because it makes it easier for both parties if you feel relaxed when receiving any treatment! * For information, contact Synergy Dental Clinics Bolton or Bury, email or go to

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