Dental Dilemmas – Treatment that’s just smiles better

I DIDN’T get braces fitted when I was young. What are my options as an adult? -Mrs N, Kearsley

We come across many patients who regret a past decision not to go ahead with braces, or were never given the opportunity.
But, it’s never too late. Traditional metal braces are still the best option, but they are very costly and not very appealing.
Other options include short-term orthodontics with discreet short-term braces.
The Inman Aligner, for example, is perfect for correcting the top and bottom front six teeth. It’s a removable appliance which uses a push-and-pull mechanism to correct the alignment of teeth.
Another method is the Six Months Smile, which straightens teeth in six months using tooth-coloured brackets and wires. It’s not visible to the human eye until roughly 2ft away and, in most cases, can straigten teeth earlier than six months. This is a fixed option that is great for getting results without any interference from your lifestyle.

Smilelign is a system of invisible, clear, removable aligners. It uses small changes to reach the goal of perfectly aligned teeth and that picture-perfect straight smile. It’s easy to get started with this treatment and it all starts
with a fitting to ensure that the system fits perfectly. Then the aligner will be changed by small increments once every two to four weeks.

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