Damaging dental crowns

Dr Richard Ho from Synergy Dental Clinics helps with advice on dental problems

Q. Is it possible for a crowned tooth to get decay?

A. Crowns are usually used to strengthen a damaged tooth. Whether it’s damaged from physical damage or through decayed teeth, crowns significantly improve the appearance, alignment and shape of teeth. The reason why crowned teeth can have decay is because of plaque, which forms at the gum line.

This area of the crown is known as the margin – the junction where the tooth and crown meet. When the dentist initially makes and fits the crown for you, they cut around the tooth. They do this so that the crown can fit right over it and build a normal-shaped tooth. If you allow plaque to build up at the margin and it isn’t removed, a new cavity will form. This will mean that, eventually, your crown will need to be replaced.

So, it’s really important to ensure you continue to practice the proper dental hygiene methods to prevent this.
Crowns are made from durable materials so that they last long but like anything, they are susceptible to wear and tear. If you want them to be long-lasting then you have to make sure you brush and floss quite regularly.

This will ensure that all remaining food particles and debris, as well as plaque surrounding it, has been removed. You may even be advised to use special cleaning tools, too. It’s important to visit your dentist every three-to-six months.

This helps your dentist to properly examine all of your restorations and look out for any signs of cavities. Regular cleaning reduces the amount of damage to your crowns.

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