All smiles after dental lesson

School children learned how to keep their smiles shining during a lesson for World Oral Health Day.

The pupils at Revoe Primary School, on Grasmere Road, were given a dental health lesson and free toothbrushes and toothpaste from Synergy Dental Clinic, on Central Drive.

Dr Zuber Bagasi also talked to the youngsters about how to brush teeth properly and the dangers of sugary drinks.

Synergy clinical director, Dr Bagasi said: “We provided the children with new toothbrushes and adult toothpaste to motivate them to brush their teeth. “This is to wean them off the children’s toothpaste they may be using as it doesn’t contain enough fluoride for the North-west where we lack fluoridated water.

“Parents and children don’t realise how long two minutes actually is so we wanted to demonstrate how long two minutes should be, and used a children’s music video to brush along to which helped them.”