Single Dental Implant Case 2 – Dr. Zuber Bagasi

Single Dental Implant from £1,350.

Dental implants can replace just one tooth or multiple teeth and acts as a replacement tooth root, which is the closest we have ever gotten to artificially creating a natural tooth root. The benefit of having dental implants is that they tend to last a lifetime, with a success rate of 97%, provided that you take care of them.

After you have your implants placed we want to help you keep them in the best possible condition, as you would with your natural teeth. Therefore, we will ask you to come in for regular hygiene visits to ensure your dental implants are in the best possible condition.

SINGLE FRONT TOOTH (Incisors & canines)The additional £300 is for an angle post£1,995£1,350 (+£300)
SINGLE BACK TOOTH (Premolars & molars)The additional £300 is for an angle post if required£1,995£1,350 (+£300)
3 FRONT MISSING TEETH2 implants with 3 teeth made in porcelain£4,590£3,900
FULL UPPER REMOVABLE4 implants with acrylic teeth£9,000£6,500
FULL LOWER REMOVABLE2 implants with acrylic teeth£4,990£3,700