Teeth Whitening For Whiter Brighter Teeth

Most people may not even take much notice of their teeth colour as they assume that with a regular brushing and a dental hygiene regime in place, which their teeth are going to be a white as they could be. But that is not necessarily so, because teeth whitening, which used available to the wealthy and celebrities is now an affordable treatment.

Undergoing Teeth Whitening can really impact your life. Most people when on a date tend to find whiter teeth attractive and can also give the illusion you are a high earner!

Synergy Dental Clinics offers Enlighten teeth whitening system.
enlighten teeth whitening
    • Custom made Enlighten patented whitening trays
    • Initial Enlighten Toothpaste to prepare teeth for whitening
    • Followed by 2 weeks home kit
    • Guaranteed B1 shade


What stains teeth in the first place?

Teeth whiteningThere can be several reasons as to why your teeth are becoming stained or discoloured, but firstly you must realise that not all teeth are naturally brilliantly white and there are several factors why this is. If you think about, we all have different colour skin and hair tones, the same goes for teeth. There is also the age factor to consider, because teeth actually become darker with age!
However, there are two main types of staining, external and internal;
Internal staining can be caused through prescription medicines such as antibiotics taken while the teeth are developing, while a crack no matter how small can also produce the appearance of staining. External staining is more obvious, dark coloured food and drinks, smoking and tartar can all produce a darkening effect on the surface of the teeth, which is not a good look.

What is the treatment going to be like?

Enlighten whitening, this is a procedure that is firstly done at home for two weeks and then a short procedure that is completed in surgery for 45 minutes. It involves a whitening agent being applied into the whitening trays and placed into the mouth. This is completed in surgery as the gel is stronger than the gels you are provided to use at home.

How does whitening work?

A way of turning ‘off white’ teeth into brilliant white teeth; is Enlighten the world’s best whitening system, in surgery blast of laser teeth whitening followed by whitening gel being applied at home. This method is an easy and effective ways of bringing out a natural whiteness in the teeth and they do this by simply flushing the pores on the surface of the teeth and the good news is that no damage to the teeth takes place.

How long will a teeth whitening treatment last for?

In most cases, the treatment last for up to three years, but this will depend on the patient. There are some things that will have a detrimental effect on how long the treatment lasts, these are smoking and eating or drinking something that can stain the teeth, such as coffee, red wine and dark fruits.

By Dr Zuber Bagasi