Fissure Sealants


Designed for your back molars and premolars, fissure sealant is painted across the deep pit and fissures of the biting surface. This leaves the surface with a protective plastic layer which will prevent erosion, damage, and decay over time.



Wait is sealant?

Quite simply, the sealant used for dentistry is a method of protecting teeth decay. It is quick, painless, long-lasting, all while still remaining cost-effective for the patient. The treatment is specifically designed to be administered onto the biting surface of the back molars and premolars. Due to the natural anatomy of the molar, pits and fissures will sometimes need to be seal to protect the tooth from becoming damaged over time.

Why would i need it?

The pits that develop on molars in adults can vary in depth. For some patients, the pits will be very deep and will require a sealant to be administered. For others, it may not be required as their fissures aren’t as deep. It is important that once the molars have developed in a child that they are inspected by a dentist. They may then be recommended to have a fissure sealant administer if it is required.

How is it administered?

It is one of the simpler treatments that you will have done at the dental office. It required a few steps prior to having the sealant placed on the tooth. For example, the tooth must first be correctly prepared. The tooth must be cleaned, prepared with a special solution, and then dried. The liquid sealant will then be applied to each tooth (only taking a few minutes for each tooth) and hardened with a dental curing light.

How long will it last?

The treatment is quite durable, as it has to withstand daily chewing and grinding on the back-most molars. Therefore, fissure sealant will likely last you many years to come without any trouble of being removed. Having the sealant checked during your regular check-up appointments will be enough to ensure they are still functioning as normal, but sometimes the sealant needs replacing due to excessive wear and tear.