Metal Standard Crown – £250 Per Unit
metal dental crown
  • Full metal crown provides strength
  • Can be constructed in a silver non-precious metal or with precious metal content, such as gold
Basic Standard Crown – £250 per unit
standard dental crown
  • Basic quality porcelain shell crown
  • Available for Incisor and Canine teeth only due to strength
  • No substructure and bulky appearancer
  • Cosmetic colour
Bronze Standard Crowns – £400 per unit
bronze standard dental crown
  • Standard quality porcelain crown
  • Metal substructure to provide increased strength
  • Cosmetic colour
Silver Standard Crowns – £500 per unit
silver standard dental crown
  • Mid-quality porcelain crown/bridges
  • Metal substructure and higher quality porcelain increased crown strength
  • Higher quality cosmetic colour due to alternate shades and natural translucency
  • Natural finish
Gold Standard Crowns – £600 per unit
gold standard dental crowns
  • High quality porcelain backed with Metal crown
  • Higher quality cosmetic colour due to alternate shades and natural translucency
  • Superior contour and finishing
  • Complimentary private ‘shade appointment’
  • Natural finish
Zirconia/E-Max Quality (£700 per unit)
zirconia dental crown
  • Highest quality porcelain backed with compressed porcelain substructure
  • Metal-free crowns
  • Superior contour and finishing
  • Complimentary private ‘shade appointment’
  • Provides most natural-looking finish

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is an artificial cap that’s fitted on a damaged tooth to give a natural appearance and protect the remaining tooth structure. Commonly used on broken or weakened teeth, the finished cap come in a variety of materials and can be used in any part of the mouth.

Beneficial in a variety of situations, the treatment can be used to:

• Prevent further decay of teeth
• Rectify damage created by large fillings
• Improve the appearance of a discoloured tooth
• Further protect teeth following a root canal
• Hold a bridge or denture in place

Crown Material options

There are a number of different materials available, all of which provide their own benefits.

Full porcelain crowns (Zirconia) are metal free and often used for the replacement or restoration of front teeth. Constructed from a full porcelain block, the caps are veneered with layers of porcelain to create an accurate colour match and a strong finish.

Porcelain and mental bonded crowns are the most common type due to their strength and reliability. Often used in the molar region, these bonded caps are created with a metal alloy thimble, which is veneered with porcelain to create an accurate finish.

Porcelain and gold crowns are the strongest option, created from a gold thimble with porcelain veneer. The inherent strength of the gold base ensures the finished product is long lasting and ideal for use at the back of the mouth.

The treatment process

Once you have selected your material, your dentist will prepare the outer surface of the remaining tooth and take an impression. This will then be sent to the lab where a Synergy expert will create a bespoke unit to your specifications. A fitting will take place at one of our Synergy clinics,  at which point a local anesthetic will be used to numb the area and prevent pain.

If well maintained, a crown should last between 20 and 30 years. However, this is dependant on the material used, location of the tretment and the after care administered by the patient.

By Dr Zuber Bagasi