Tips to Tackle Dental Anxiety

In the UK, at least one in three adults experience a form of dental anxiety.

Dental anxiety is the feeling of nervousness or anxiety about going to the dentist. People can experience this at varying levels from moderate to severe. Dental anxiety can lead to oral health problems as it often discourages people from attending regular check-ups.

Most dentists have a lot of experience in dealing with nervous patients. At Synergy Dental, helping nervous patients is something that our dentists pride themselves in. Let your dentist know how you’re feeling at the start of your appointment. The dentist and dental nurse will be happy to ensure you’re feeling at ease and comfortable before they begin any treatment.

Other things you can do to help dental anxiety include:

  • Ask questions – the dentist will be more than happy to go through any procedure step by step before starting any treatment. Sometimes the fear of the unknown can heighten feelings of anxiety. The reality of it might not actually be as scary as you’re letting yourself think it is!
  • Listening to music – bring your headphones and listen to music, a podcast or an audio book. Some people find the sounds and environment of the dental surgery to be one of their biggest anxiety triggers. Close your eyes and focus on something else to distract you from what is going on in the room around you.
  • Take a friend or family member – they can accompany you in the surgery throughout your treatment. If you’re able to, make some plans for after your appointment so you have something to look forward to once it’s out of the way.
  • Dental sedation – at Synergy we can offer you the option of dental sedation. The method we use is known as intravenous sedation. The sedative, administered via an IV, sends you into a state of conscious relaxation. It leaves you feeling fully relaxed, while still being capable of answering questions or commands. Patients who experience severe dental anxiety, have had bad experiences in the past or must undergo complicated or lengthy procedures can all benefit from dental sedation.

Unsure about your dental health? Call your nearest Synergy Dental Clinic and we’ll be happy to help.