Synergy Dental Annual Awards 2016

Scenes from the Synergy Dental Annual Awards 2016

The Synergy Dental Awards 2016 may be over for this year, but if you a fancy a little reminder of how glamour our evening was; here are some of the highlights.

The Synergy Dental Awards aimed to recognise excellence and has become a prestigious occasion within Synergy Dental Group. Thank you to all for joining us for the first Synergy Awards evening, I am thrilled that the event was a huge success as we recognised outstanding Individuals. The night was where hard work, loyalty and energy was rewarded this is what has made Synergy a success story so far.

Synergy dental was established in 2007. I, Dr Zuber Bagasi graduated in 2005 and shortly following my Vocational training in the West Midlands, Synergy Blackpool was launched as a squat practice with 0 patients and 1 nurse. Today, with the help of our team, we provide dental services across 8 sites. Over 10 years since my vision was established, we provide dental services to over 60,000 active happy patients and one of the most successful non- finance backed organisation in the country. Our relationships extend to local partners, the press, councillors, the NHS, esteemed clinicians and business mentors.

This is a Synergy – working together for better results.

In our opening year, the evening marks a huge celebration to commemorate the progression and success of employees.

The event was hosted in a beautiful location opposite Etihad Stadium in a luxury restaurant, Vermilion. With stunning stage visuals, a delicious three-course meal and a black tie dress code, the Synergy Dental Annual Awards marked a memorable occasion for all who attend.

The judging process involved votes gathered from staff members and management appraisals. It’s always nice to have your work recognised especially from your patient’s; however it makes it all the more special when that recognition comes from your fellow professionals.

These awards represent much more than just winning, they are an acknowledgement of excellence talent and spectacular achievement, finalist you continue to raise the bar within Synergy and tonight we reward you for that. The Synergy Dental Awards give you something to want to achieve and wants you to be the best at what you do. The future growth and prosperity of Synergy Dental relies on a talented and qualified workforce like you. I’d like to express that we are honoured to be here tonight, for each and every one of you.

Employee of the Year

This Award honours an individual who has made an exceptional contribution to Synergy.
The Employee of the Year Award goes to Angela Goulbourne.


Best Newcomer Award – Georgia Kelly

This individual has been excellent at leading and supporting her team, implementing Practice policies and protocols, promoting high quality care whilst remaining professional and showing great leadership and most importantly being very easy to approach. She truly is fantastic, she’s dedicated, flexible supportive has all her tasks completed on time helps others to complete their task’s not at all afraid of hard work because let’s be honest working with some of us is very difficult. I take great pleasure in presenting this award and the winner is Georgia Kelly.


Best Trainee Award (Winner) – Seema Patel

This award is to recognise our Trainee Dental Nurses, our Trainee Dental Nurses are continuously striving for excellence. They work incredibly hard every day completing their checklists and delivering very high standard patient care. They don’t just come into work and carry out their daily tasks they go home to studying and completing their training program. The winner for the Best Trainee Award goes to Seema Patel

best_trainee-compressorBest Trainee Award (Highly Commended) – Charlie Taylor

Charlie Taylor was recognised and named Highly Commended for the Best Trainee Award for her outstanding contributions.

Best Trainee (Special Mention) – Ashleigh Dearden

Ashleigh Dearden was recognised and given a special mention for the Best Trainee Award for her outstanding contributions.

Best Receptionist (Winner) – Lauren Shelmerdine

Our first category is for our Best Receptionist and for this the employee has been consistent in their work completing weekly and monthly tasks, responding to feedback given to them by Phillippa Smith our Regional Head Receptionist. This individual works well independently but also works very well as part of a team; the award for Best Receptionist went to Lauren Shelmerdine.


Best Receptionist (Highly Commended) – Matt Greenwood

We feel that on this occasion we would really like to recognise the efforts made by a certain individual, their dedication and performance has improved month in month out. On this occasion the board have decided to have a highly commended award, which goes to Matt Greenwood.

Best Dental Nurse Award (Winner) – Ahmed Yusuf

This employee has excellent practical skills, a calm, confident and reassuring manner, the ability to relate well with people, including children and those with special needs along with exceptional organisational skills. The Winner of the Best Dental Nurse Award went to Ahmed Yusuf.

best_dental_nurse-compressorBest Head Nurse (Winner) – Jazmine Gribben

Our next category is for our Best Head Nurse and for this the employee started as a Trainee Dental Nurse, they have followed our structure and demonstrated that if you have the passion and drive to be good at what you do then you can. It’s not been easy with the commute and being short staffed however they have ensured that their team has been supported and patients have received a high level of care. The award for Best Receptionist went to Jazmine Gribben.


Best Dentist

Dentistry is a service industry and if you’re not here to service patients then they will go elsewhere, or they won’t get the treatment they need. From my point of view, it is very important that your immediate concern is looking after the patient and they receive treatment, which is second to none. Having excellent dentist within our organisation allows us to deliver this service. This award is to recognise an individual who has demonstrated a true passion for Dentistry and a deep loyalty to our group.

The decision process took into consideration the votes received from our team which made up 50% of the decision as well 50% according to clinical skills and development, being a team player, feedback from patients, actual clinical cases, taking part in study circles, taking part in all social events and many charity and community events as well as supporting other dentists.

This individual has truly took on the direction that I taught and has been under my wing and mentorship for a while and ready to fly on their own. Always there to step in and puts the interest of the organisation and our movement before his own. Soon to be working in a parallel dimension and May the force be with you – Dr Imran Chadat.


I would like to extend my special thanks to all of our dentists who have worked extremely hard over the years. Next years awards will capture the progress and success from this point onwards. There are many excellent clinicians that are amongst our movement including Dr Pawel Sobikinski and Dr Ansar Mahmood from Bury who I believe have only scratched the surface for what they can really achieve. Both are extremely dedicated clinicians and advanced themselves with Restorative, Implantology and Orthodontics. Your practice refurbishment is soon to start – I Promise.

Dr Ai Ling and Eugene from Burscough without which the Burscough community would seriously be empty. Ai Ling – congratulations for nearly completing your MSc and to you both, I thank you for keeping the Burscough team together. Ai Ling has been with the Synergy Group since 2010 and was my 1st Vocational Trainee. I thank you Ai Ling for your loyalty.

I would like to thank Asma, Aunkit from Blackpool who are developing extremely well under my wing – keep up the hard work guys!

To our hospital based dentists – Hamza and Ganesh – I know general practice is just a day out for you guys and I am glad you have bought your hospital experience within our team. Ganesh – we all love your sense of humour by the way. To our new comers, Amelia, Richard and Georgina – welcome on board and great that you have joined our movement.

Best Practice Manager Award

As the Area Manager it’s amazing to celebrate this amazing night with the best PM’s who are achieving their goals and thriving to be the best. Tonight we are going to be rewarding the individual for reaching top of her game. The award for Best Practice Manager goes to Danielle Demain.


Best Practice Award

It goes without saying that all the practices would love to one this award. However, this Particular practice has remained to be outstanding.
The best practice award goes to Synergy Dental Clinic Blackpool.


Best Management Award

Our next award is an extremely important one the Best Management Award, indeed without having good Managers in place our teams could not function. I have been told that choosing the winner for this category was an almost impossible task therefore the MD has decided that we have 2 winners in this category. This year’s Recipients of the best manager will be going to 2 incredible Ladies, both these ladies are able to connect with their teams and they both deliver training to ensure that their teams have the skills and abilities that they need to do their job to the highest standards. Both these Ladies are Committed and go that extra mile to ensure that their teams are fully supported. I believe I speak for most people in this room when I sincerely say these 2 ladies truly deserve this award. Without further ado I would like to announce the winners – the award for Best Management goes to Philippa Smith and Micah Padgett.


Funniest Dentist

This award was presented to Dr Imran Chhadat for his humorous ramblings.
‘I have been mentored by Dr Bagasi since 2011 and through his help, guidance and motivation, has made me the clinician I am today.’ – Dr Imran Chhadat


Best Dressed

This award was presented to Charlie Taylor for her impeccable adherence to dress code.

best_dressed-compressorUnsung Hero Awards

As our staff know all too well none of these awards would be possible without the extraordinary work of a great number of people most of who we never even get to see. Our next award recognises some of our unsung stars that have made a huge contribution without much recognition. The winner of this award was Waheeda Bagasi and Nafisa Ahmed.

This award is to recognise the staff member that often gets unnoticed and yet takes on the pressures of daily ‘hounding’ from everyone including me! Again, when I started to shortlist nominees, I could not differentiate between some of the unsung hero nominees. So the first unsung hero award goes to Nafisa – who very kindly ensures that our accounts issues are dealt with promptly. Where is she come on here.

I would also like to add that Nafisa Ahmed has been promoted to be head of accounts and soon to commence an accounting qualification so please join me in a round of applause for Nafisa Ahmed.

The next unsung hero award goes to Waheeda Bagasi – who ensures that we can all pay our bills! Come here darling…I would like to share with you that Waheeda Bagasi will be stepping away from the day to day accounts management role and has been advanced to be a non-executive Director for the group. The role involves, going shopping, going to the gym and making my juices each morning!!

unsung_hero_award-compressorLifetime Achievement Award

I am truly delighted at the contributions of our finalists and all who have been involved in the ceremony; we have created such a memorable occasion. This individual is a true inspiration to our team. She has assumed many different roles and has learnt most of the roles herself. This individual has been with the group since it became a group and has shaped policy and protocols, supported most of us through good times and bad, and been a back bone to our movement – Currently undertaking a HR management degree.


Congratulations to all the winners – your achievements have been well deserved.

I would like to thank the management team for taking the time to evaluate the nominations and your loyalty over the years. Without you guys, we would be 10 steps behind right now.

2017 will be an exciting year with more practice development plans including more integration with our DHI services. Everyone welcome Laura Tozer if you haven’t already met her.

We are working on more innovative marketing and PR strategies and I urge all of you to get involved. Finally, I would like to extend a special thank you to Waheeda, Nafisa, Humera and Tosif for organising this event. Please everyone; join me in a round of applause. Enjoy the rest of the evening.

Let’s change the world of dentistry together!


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