Should I Be Using an Electric Toothbrush?

Is it arm-numbing brushing your teeth every morning with a standard toothbrush? Could it be easier to invest in an electric toothbrush that does it all for you? Most importantly, could it be more beneficial for your oral hygiene? The research definitely seems to answer ‘yes’ for these questions.



To understand all the aspects of electric toothbrushes and why they might be better for us, it may be more appropriate to begin by answering the question that most people will first consider: what are the cost implications? Costing can range significantly for electric toothbrushes. At the lower end of the spectrum, for example, a standard electric toothbrush could set you back up to £30.00, while those equipped with more (such as more attachments, different settings, and even a toothbrush holder) could cost upwards of £150.00. This is significantly more than a standard, manual toothbrush, which can cost as low as £2.00 from your local supermarket.



Although, this price can be justified when considering the ease of use, and even the overall lifespan of an electric toothbrush compared with its manual counterpart. Far more importantly, the research seems to point towards a significant decrease in plaque (a common causer of gingivitis) when using an electric toothbrush. Statistically speaking, it is estimated that a 21% reduction of plaque can occur after using one of these devices for a period of more than three months.

Many people will use, and continue to use, their standard toothbrushes without cause for concern. Although, it is important to understand the positives or upgrading to a newer and most efficient toothbrush, which could essentially reduce their risk of developing gingivitis (a type of gum disease) and could be a lot more comfortable to use.


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