Dr Eugene Stanley

Dr Eugene Stanley


Dr Stanley, otherwise known as ‘Mr Cool’! He is one of our more experienced dentists at the Synergy Group. Dr Stanley has 25 years of experience helping people with their oral health issues. He gained his qualifications in Stellenbosch, South Africa and now works as a Head Dentist at our Ormskirk practice.

He chose to become a dentist simply because it allowed him to help those who were in need, but he would have happily become a Mechanical Engineer if dentistry hadn’t worked out for him.

He has a very hands-on approach to most things, which is demonstrated in his hobbies and interests. He enjoys activities like gardening, DIY, electronics, and photography.



Head Dentist (BChD)

Experience includes 

• Advanced restorative treatments

• Digital Smile Design

• Teeth whitening

• Composite bonding

• Dentures/ Crowns/ Bridges/ Veneers

• Management of tooth wear cases

Orthodontic Experience

• Invisalign

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