Dr Abdur-Rahman


Abz qualified in 2008 and has been involved in the Local Dental Network since 2011 shaping the Minor Oral Surgery Service for NHS Lancashire.

He is currently on the Oral Surgery Network and sits on the triage panel for Tier 2 MOSS. He is also involved in teaching and training.

Currently works at the Synergy Dental Clinic and works at Preston Royal Hospital with historic posts at Wynthenshaw Hospital, Stepping Hill Hospital, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals and Liverpool Dental Hospital.

Rock Climbing and Formula 1 are his 2 passions outside of Dentistry.


GDC – 151346

Oral Surgery Experience

• Minor Oral Surgery

• Failed Extractions

• Impacted Lower molars

• Apicectomies

• Soft Tissue Lesions (excisional Biopsies)

• Implants

Before and After Treatment

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Dental Advice

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