How to Form Healthy Smile Habits

January 21st marks Blue Monday; the so-called ‘most depressing day of the year’. The buzz of Christmas and New Year is well and truly over with, the weather is still terrible, it’s always dark outside and we’re still waiting for payday to arrive.
When you take all of this into account, it’s perfectly understandable to be feeling a bit more sluggish than usual, and you may find your usual habits start to slip. By following this advice from our dental experts, we can help you to form and maintain healthy smile habits:

Keeping on top of your dental check-ups

It’s easy to put off making your next check-up appointment with the dentist. To make this easier, the next time you’re at the practice we’d recommend booking your next check-up on your way out. If you’re a Synergy patient, we’ve made this even easier by allowing you to book your check-ups online here! Remember – you should be seeing your dentist for a check-up every 6 months to maintain a healthy smile.

Set an example

Young children love to imitate their parents – whether it’s trying on mum’s high heels or copying your dental hygiene routine. If you have little ones at home, make sure you’re setting the right example by keeping a regular routine. Let them watch you floss and brush twice a day, and encourage them to start using the toothbrush on their own as early as possible.

Time yourself to music

Two minutes can feel like a long time to brush your teeth for. There’s plenty of ways you can time yourself for two minutes and make it interesting. Try listening to your favourite song as you brush to time and entertain yourself. For kids – United Utilities offer these fun timers you can order for free on their website.

Avoid DIY kits

At-home tooth whitening kits may work for some, but in the long run can be detrimental to maintaining a healthy smile. It’s a fact that home whitening kits do not carry the right ingredients to be as effective as a whitening treatment provided by your dentist. These kits usually provide you with a standard mouth guard that hasn’t been moulded for your teeth. This means you won’t get the results you desire, and you risk burning and sensitivity from the excess product.

Unsure about your dental health? Call your nearest Synergy Dental Clinic and we’ll be happy to help.