Invisalign Procedure

Below, you’ll find more information on what a typical Invisalign treatment plan usually looks like.

Stage One: Consultation

In your initial consultation, you will receive a detailed examination of your mouth, face, and medical history. X-rays and photos will also need to be taken to assess how the teeth are structured at the beginning of your Invisalign journey. We will be able to simulate basic before and after results so that you have an idea of what your teeth will look like at the end of your treatment.

Stage Two: Clin-Check

For an option fee, your dentist will be able to offer you a Clin-check, which provides a 3D simulation of your teeth before and after treatment. If impressions are necessary, they will be taken at this stage too. A copy of your final 3D Clin-check will then be sent to you. Before the next stage, your dentist will invite you back for a general discussion about going forward. You will need to give your consent to further treatment before we can start constructing your aligners.

Stage Three: Fitting

The fitting stage is simple. You will have your Invisalign fitted using tooth coloured composite and minor spacing between the teeth (roughly a fraction of 1mm), which will allow your teeth to move into the desired location. You will be told to wear each aligner for 1 week at a time, and you will be given a supply to last you up to your next review. Simply fit the aligners by yourself – it’s that easy!

Stage Four: Review and Aftercare

You will need to come back to see your dentist once every 8-12 weeks. Here you will be given your next course of aligners and your dentist will review your progress. This also gives you one-on-one time talk with your dentist and ask them anything about your treatment you might be wondering about.