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Facial Cosmetics In Blackpool

Non-Surgical Plastic Surgery In Blackpool

The Facial Cosmetics Clinic in Blackpool is here to help you feel younger, firmer and fresher. With methods, which are now better than ever before, the Facial Cosmetics in Blackpool aim to revive your look, with results showing over an extremely short period.

The Non-Surgical Plastic Surgery Treatments In Blackpool Are:

• Wrinkles around lips and Oral Commissures
• Puckered Chin
• Glabellar ‘Frown’ lines
• Botox
• Thinning Lips
• Asymmetric Eyebrow Shaping
• Crow’s Feet (Peri-orbital lines)
• Neck Folds (Platysma Muscle)
• Forehead ‘worry’ lines
• Dermal Fillers

The Cost Of The Non-Surgical Plastic Surgery In Blackpool

The costs of our non-surgical plastic surgery treatments depend on which treatment is essential and how much treatment is vital for the required outcome. Payment plans are also on hand for patients who find making payments in instalments, easier.

Contact The Non-Surgical Plastic Surgery Clinic In Blackpool Today!

For more information about our Facial Cosmetics in Bury, please call on 01253 348616 today for a booking and/or a consultation. Alternatively you are also able to send us a message through contact form on your left.

Botox in Blackpool

Our Botox Clinic in Blackpool

At our Botox Clinic in Blackpool, we use Botox on patients who wish to remove wrinkles and worry lines from their face. Helping rejuvenating their appearance, we diminish signs of old age.
The results of Botox take up to two to four days to show and can last up to (and between four to six months)

The Botox Procedure

The Botox Clinic in Blackpool doesn’t require any anaesthesia for Botox treatment, as it only can takes a couple of minutes to perform.
When wrinkles and worry lines reappear, more than one Botox session is required. However, it is worthy to note that every time a Botox treatment is carried out, wrinkles return as less severe as muscles are gradually trained to relax.

The Cost of Botox at our Blackpool Clinic

The Cost of Botox in Blackpool varies depending on what level of Botox is required. To get one area treated can cost our patients from £200. To get two areas treated, it can cost from £300 and finally, to get three areas treated, it costs from £350.
A consultation charge is also applied (£45) and this is removed upon acceptance of treatment.

Call Our Botox Clinic in Blackpool Today!

For more information or to book a consultation, call our Botox Clinic in Bury on 01253 348616. Alternatively, you can fill in one of our forms today.

The Dermal Fillers in Blackpool

Dermal Fillers are a collagen material, which are injected in to the skin to supplement soft tissue.
Our Dermal Fillers Clinic in Birmingham use Dermal Fillers as a way to restore the appearance of our patients.

The Benefits of Dermal Fillers.

Cosmetically, Dermal Fillers help to alter skin situations which are contracted as a result of ageing.
Although the results of Dermal Fillers are not lasting, Dermal Fillers are the most significant non-surgical way to remedy ageing.
Dermal Fillers work quickly and effectively. All our well trained and professional practitioners at our Dermal Fillers Clinic in Blackpool, our patients can attain the skin of their youth. All this is obtainable without having to go under the knife!

The Cost Of Dermal Fillers

The costs for Dermal Fillers vary. Payment plans are available for patients who wish to pay for their treatments in instalments.
Payments can be discussed in further detail at our initial consultation.

Have your skin look plump, young and re-energized and book a consultation today on 01253 348616. Alternatively you can fill in a form on the left for further information on Dermal Fillers at our Blackpool Clinic.