Case Study: Dental Implants Creating the Perfect Smile

Serve tooth decay can be an extremely difficult and distressing situation for anyone. This is similar to one of Synergy’s patients, Jaqueline, who came in for a consultation with Dr Bagasi about how her teeth were negatively affecting her health in various ways.

How Jaqualine’s smile looked on her first consultation.

Jaqueline presented clear signs of chronic periodontal disease (an advanced form of gingivitis), which was affecting her self-confidence and daily eating habits. The patient was in severe discomfort when she came in to speak to Dr Bagasi, and she was losing weight at an alarming rate. The recommended treatment plan for Jaqueline was to fit a full upper retained bridge in order to replace the severe loss of teeth caused by gum disease.  

The Initial Stage

Synergy applies the safest possible process for each procedure. The initial stage examined Jaqueline with the CT scanner. This is what Synergy call their ‘CT Guided Surgery’ approach, whereby the CT scanner has multiple uses. From this, surgeons can assess their patient’s bone levels, any infection, nerve position, sinus position, and various other things that will assess the patient’s suitability for the surgery. In Jaqueline’s case, Dr Bagasi gave her the go-ahead and began preparing the next stages of her dental implant treatment.

The CT scan used to plan the surgery.

The next step was to propose everything to the patients in a full written report. This falls in line with Synergy’s ethos of transparency, whereby the report gave an overview of everything. This included diagnosis and proposed treatment options, costs, timescales, risks and benefits. This also took into consideration the patient’s medical conditions, social history, and what the patient wanted to achieve.

The Implant Stage

After the initial stage and getting confirmation from the patient to continue, the procedure to fit all upper implants began. The dental implant surgery took less than 2 hours to complete but, because Synergy used their CT Guided Surgery method, there was a reduced amount of swelling, discomfort, and recovery time for the patient. Once the implants were fitted, Jaqueline was told to allow them to integrate fully, which took upwards of 3 months. No further progress could be made until this process was completed.

The Impressions Stage

Posts were fitted to the implants in order to measure exactly where the implants were in the patient’s mouth. An impression was then taken, using an impression tray, to make Jaqualine’s new teeth.

The new teeth were moulded uniquely to fit Jaqualine’s mouth. After this, Dr Bagasi examined lip support, length of the new teeth, and other things using a bite registration.

Part of the impression stage involves actually trying out the teeth created so far. Dr Bagasi was sure to confirm Jacqueline was happy and satisfied with the size, colour, and shape of her new teeth before the permanent fitting.

The Titanium Frame Stage

The next stage was making sure the titanium frame was comfortable. Before this, a Duralay jig was used to test how the frame would fit. This was a very important part of the whole process which will confirm that the milled titanium framework (which will be used later) fit in Jaqualine’s mouth comfortably and without any difficulty. Dr Bagasi ensured every precaution was taken by doing this before fitting a titanium framework. This assured the most accurate results.

Once Jacqueline confirmed there was no discomfort, the milled titanium framework was tried. This framework is an integral part of the whole implant procedure and adds the necessary stability and strength to the bridge.

The Wax Stage

Jaqueline was eager to get her new teeth, but it was important to first progress through the next process. The next process included having a wax mock-up created of Jaqualine’s teeth. The wax mock-up mimicked Jaqualine’s desired natural look, including what she wanted the size, shape and, colour to be.

The Final stage

After all of these stages were completed and Jaqueline was happy with how they looked and felt, all the pieces were put together and fitted permanently. The teeth and the milled titanium framework were then fitted permanently.

After treatment and some recovery time, Jacqueline was eating more regularly again, and there were noticeable improvements to her comfort. Jacqueline also felt so much better about herself because of her new teeth. See for yourself the difference in Jacqueline’s smile on her first day at her consultation compared to her final look.

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