Dental Implants as a Treatment for Damaged Teeth

How can I treat decayed, damaged or missing teeth with dental implants?

A popular choice for treating decayed, damaged or missing teeth is by way of dental implants. While these are some of the more expensive treatments on the market, they are also the most effective and long-lasting of solutions.

An implant consists of a screw-like post that is made out of titanium and is fixed into the jawbone. This acts as a permanent but artificial tooth root, alongside your existing roots. Their practical design allows you to replace more than one tooth.

The main reason people opt for dental implants is for cosmetic reasons, such as the replacement of a missing tooth. They are also beneficial for practical reasons, too. They can help to reduce bone loss, restore facial contours and chewing naturally. In some cases, they can also improve speech, too.

Implants can also help reduce the chances of infection caused by decaying teeth and prevent cuts and lesions from damaged teeth. Having missing or damaged teeth can leave people with low self-esteem, affecting their social situations.

Dental implants can be a long procedure. But once fitted are virtually unnoticeable. They also look and feel like natural teeth. The added benefit is that you will be able to keep your gums and remaining surrounding teeth healthy, allowing you to enjoy yourself fully without any of the worries.

Implants tend to last a lifetime with a success rate of 97% as long as you take care of them as you would with anything else in life.

We provide 2 main types of Dental Implants, Straumann and Osstem.

Straumann Dental Implants are the world’s number one dental implant system. Many universities and world-renowned dental implantologists prefer to use this system. Established for over 5o years and used in over 70 countries, there is a lot of research behind them.

They put in a ‘gold’ standard crown/bridge which is aesthetically designed to look like your natural tooth.  Straumann Implants come with custom abutments giving a much better fit for the crown.

Straumann Dental Implant + custom abutment (post) + crown = £1,995

Osstem Dental Implants are another great product. They are Asia’s Number 1 Dental Implant system and have over 60 countries worldwide using this system out of the many hundreds available.

Osstem Dental Implant + custom abutment (post) + crown = £1,350