Can I Have Same Day Dental Implants?

Most people who have an ‘acceptable’ looking set of teeth that need to be replaced usually like the replacement dental implants to be put in on the same day they have been taken out.

It’s perfectly understandable to want your teeth replaced on the same day. Missing teeth is a common source of lowered self-esteem and can make people feel self-conscious.

One way you can have your teeth replaced on the same day is through a process called an immediate denture. An impression will be taken two weeks before the planned tooth extractions. The dental technician will then estimate the position of your gum after your teeth have been taken out.

In this type of procedure, the bone and gum can significantly change shape and shrinks for the first three months after extraction, therefore that type of denture never really fits perfectly and you usually end up needing a new one after a few months

The other, more advanced method is referred to as ‘All-on-4’ or ‘All-on-6’. This is a dental implant treatment where we restore all, if not most of the teeth. Implants are placed with the help of a digitally-planned surgical guide. The technician adjusts a denture-like restoration that has already been prepared in just a couple of hours and is then permanently attached.

Since it is fixed, you don’t have to remove it. You walk out of surgery with great looking teeth as well as having your confidence restored!

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