Enamel Damage | Dental Dilemmas | Bury Times | 28th January 2016

Enamel Damage from Teeth Whitening: Dr Paul Sobocinski Answers your Dental Dilemmas

Enamel Damage | Dr Paul Sobocinski | Dental Dilemmas | Bury Times

A New Year is often the time when we look at ourselves and consider changes. So this can be a popular time for people to consider improving their smile and particularly consider investing in teeth whitening.

You may have been unhappy with the colour of your teeth or the brightness of your smile for a while and now want to turn that concern into a New Year’s Resolution to improve the look of your teeth.  However, most people are reluctant to try teeth whitening because they  fear they might be damaging their healthy teeth.

We have heard about this myth – that teeth whitening removes the top layer of enamel to make the teeth whiter. The truth is that people often experience tooth sensitivity after teeth whitening and feel that the loss of enamel is to blame.

Professional dental grade teeth whitening gels contain either Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide, which is the key active ingredient in professional teeth whitening treatments.

These Peroxide-based chemicals react with oxygen getting into the enamel, resulting in your teeth becoming a few shades lighter. This process of cleansing can instantly remove stains caused by tea, coffee, smoking,  food and age-related stains, leaving your teeth looking naturally white.

What it can’t do is to make your teeth solid white like Simon Cowell’s teeth. Even with excessive over-use, your teeth will become translucent, but not solid white. In the teeth whitening process, enamel is not damaged at all but cleaned of its impurities the same way skincare products cleanse and flush skin pores.

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