Dental implants are the real deal

Dental implants are the real deal: Dr Naveed Patel Answers your Dental Dilemmas

Q. How does bone grafting help with implant treatment?
A. Dental implants are the closest thing to natural teeth. They are fantastic tools for restoring healthy function of the jaw and the beauty of your smile.

Once successfully placed, the implant can support the restored tooth for many years. However, it needs to be placed into a good jawbone, and its quality and quantity is the key issue.

Sometimes the bone thickness is not enough to plan an implant. In those cases, an implant surgeon can use a guided bone regeneration (GBR) technique, commonly known as augmentation or bone grafting.

A bone graft is added to the existing jawbone and forces your body to create some extra bone so it can fully support the dental implant. Usually it consists of the sand-like white granules that are placed into the space where the bone is missing, and the fabric-like material that covers it and separates from the soft tissues.

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