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Don’t Let Easter Ruin Your Children’s Teeth!

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Over here at Synergy, we’ve hatched with egg-citement (sorry) because the Easter Holidays are here, and that means Spring is slowly but surely, on its way!

Of course, this time of year is marked by Easter egg hunts, Easter parades and of course, the (over) indulgence of chocolate Easter eggs.

In many places around the world, eggs symbolise fertility, rebirth, regrowth and new beginnings.  Did you know that Easter eggs are to an extent, survivals of ancient Pagan practices as Easter was closely linked with the Pagan rites of spring? In the 15th century, the practice of hard-boiling eggs and painting them in bright colours as gifts for children on Easter Sunday began. The first chocolate Easter egg was crafted in Europe in the 19th century with France and Germany leading this new style of ‘artistic confectionery’.

In the UK, over 80 million Easter eggs are sold each year and the average British child will consume an astounding £24 worth of chocolate! Collectively, all the chocolate will weigh 1.3kg and amount to 270 teaspoons of sugar and a gigantic 12000 calories. As you guessed, indulging on this much chocolate is certainly not good for your general or dental health.

Sugar plays a harmful role in tooth decay. Harmful bacteria in your mouth feed on the sugars which create acids. These acids break down and damage our enamel over time if not kept in check. Once the enamel is damaged, a cavity will eventual form in the teeth.

Tooth decay is prevalent in children in the UK, where 1 in 10 children aged 3+ has had a decayed, missing or filled tooth due to tooth decay.

Help your child keep their teeth in tip top condition this Easter with the following tips and advice:

  • Brush teeth twice a day

This may sound like common sense, but it is astonishing how many children go to sleep without brushing their teeth. If you don’t brush, plaque can harden and calcify, meaning it cannot be removed by brushing alone and will mean a trip to the dentist! Always supervise and/or help your child when brushing, and make sure they brush last thing at night before bed and at least one other time during the day with a fluoride toothpaste.

  • Cut down on sugary foods and drinks

By cutting down on the amount of chocolate your child consumes, you will limit the amount of sugar entering their mouth, again limiting the chance of tooth decay. Instead, make sure that snacks are only consumed during meal times, and not in between.

  • Give your child water or milk to drink

As water and milk contain little sugar and are natural, they are a great alternative to sugary fruit juices and fizzy drinks aimed at children. Milk is great for teeth as it will help to cancel out the effects of acid in the mouth, but also has the benefit of replacing lost calcium. This isn’t an excuse to snack more – it won’t fix any pre-existing damage to your child’s teeth.

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