Team Synergy Run Rivington Half Marathon

On 3rd October, Team Synergy ran the challenging Rivington Half Marathon all in aid for Bolton Hospice.  The team was made up of healthcare professionals including Dr Zuber Bagasi and Dr Mohsin Patel.  They were led by team mentor Ash, a sports therapist, who also provided the team with diet plans and a rigorous exercise programme all in preparation for the marathon.  Ash also supported the team with any pre-existing injuries, including any that occurred during the challenge.

Team Synergy Rivington Half Marathon Training | Bolton Hospice

“The marathon was a big surprise to all of us.  We didn’t realise how challenging it actually was.  There wasn’t a flat terrain; there was 2 miles of inclination and a lot of rough terrain as it was mainly off-road tracks.  However, the training had paid off and everyone finished the race as hoped.  Dr Mohsin Patel crossed the finish line first out of the other team members running which was fantastic.  Ash achieved his goal of helping Synergy’s patient, Imran Mohammed through the run after having only prepared for 6 weeks.” Commented Dr Zuber Bagasi of Synergy Dental.

Team Synergy | Rivington Half Marathon

Every member of the team has known someone who has been affected by cancer or other life-limiting illnesses during their lifetime which is why they were dedicated to fundraising for Bolton Hospice who provides free, expert palliative care to people aged 18 and over in Bolton with incurable, life-limiting illnesses.  As Bolton Hospice rely almost entirely on the kindness and generosity of local people as government funding only covers a fraction of the costs, the team felt it was important to give back to the community.

Team Synergy | Rivington Half Marathon

Help Synergy Dental Raise Money for Bolton Hospice

Team Synergy managed to raise £645 for Bolton Hospice, but it doesn’t stop there. Mission 1 has been completed and the team are now training for mission 2 which aims to raise £1000 for Bolton Hospice by running two more marathons – the first which will take place in Birmingham on 18th October.  You can donate to Synergy Dental Clinic’s Just Giving page at or you can text SYNG66 £2 to 70070 (if you want to donate more, simply change the amount)

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