Can I have dental treatments while pregnant?

Can I have dental treatments while pregnant?: Dr Naveed Patel Answers your Dental Dilemmas

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Q. Can I have dental treatment while pregnant?
A. Expecting a child can be an exciting and magical time. It’s also a time when women often change their priorities.

It’s important to keep regular dental check-up appointments high on the priority list as dietary and hormonal changes during pregnancy make you more vulnerable to teeth and gum problems.

With pregnancy often come cravings. Quite often, they’re sugary and sweet food. Keeping a balanced diet, not too high in sugar, can be challenging but necessary. Hormonal changes often increase gum bleeding. Although it can happen despite good oral hygiene, it should be investigated, as bleeding gums are more vulnerable to gum disease.

Morning sickness can have significant negative impact for your teeth causing erosion and discolouration. To prevent that, give your mouth a good rinse with a fluoride mouthwash straight afterwards.

Dental treatment during pregnancy is not always advised. Any treatment should be avoided during the first trimester and second part of the third trimester.
Some dentists avoid any larger procedures during the whole time.

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