Snoring: Causes & Prevention

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Have you ever woken up at night because of your own snoring? Or do you lay restlessly awake because of your partner’s relentless snoring?

Snoring is an extremely common condition and affects around one in four people in England. When you sleep, your airways relax and narrow, affecting the air pressure in your airways. It is the noise caused by the vibration of the soft palate and tissue in the mouth, throat or nose.

What increases the risk of snoring?
There are a number of things that can increase the risk of snoring. These include obesity, drinking alcohol, smoking, allergic rhinitis, certain sedatives and other medication such as types of anti-depressants.

Are there even any solutions out there?
A permanent solution to stopping it is not always possible. But there are certain methods you can try in order to start looking for a solution.

The Nostril Test – Close one of your nostrils and with your mouth closed, breathe in through your other nostril. If the nostril closes, then try to prop it open. If you can breathe easier with the nostril open, then you can try using nasal dilators to solve your snoring problem.

The Tongue Test – Stick your tongue out, hold it between your teeth and try to make a snoring noise. If there’s less noise with your tongue in this position, it’s quite likely that you are a tongue-based snorer. This is something your GP will be able to help you out with and most probably suggest an anti-snoring device.

You can further help your situation by maintaining a healthy diet and weight, sleeping on your side rather than your back. If you’re a smoker then cutting down or quitting smoking will also help. Other methods are avoiding alcohol before bed, keeping your nasal passages as clear as possible. If an allergy is causing the blockage then try antihistamine tablets or a nasal spray.

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A version of this blog post appeared in the Bury Times  in January 2017.


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