Help to tackle the biggest causes of mouth ulcers

Help to tackle the biggest causes of mouth ulcers: Dr Pawel Sobocinski Answers your Dental Dilemmas

Q. What causes mouth ulcers?
A. If you’ve experienced the discomfort caused by a mouth ulcer, you know how that small sore inside your mouth can be irritating.

And although most times it’s not possible to tell what has caused it, there are some factors which can lower the risk of ulcers.

Stress is by far the most common factor. Unfortunately, constant discomfort of mouth ulceration doesn’t help to reduce it’s level.

Food can trigger ulcer formation. Crisps, chocolate, tomato products, strawberries, peanuts and fizzy drinks have all been known to increase ulceration of mouth soft tissue. Allergic reaction to certain food components can also cause ulcers on irritated mucosa.

Changes in hormonal levels, especially during a period, can increase the risk especially when correlated with another factor: vitamin B12 and iron deficiency.

Some medical conditions can have mouth ulcer symptoms. Crohn’s disease can often be diagnosed, or at least suspected, by a dentist based on the number and shape of mouth ulcerations. Coeliac disease, some forms of arthritis and auto-immune conditions can also present in the form of mouth ulcers.

Ulcers can also be a reaction to some medications like beta-blockers and non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (like aspirin or ibuprofen).

Physical micro damage of the mouth soft tissue can be a beginning of ulcer formation. Accidental biting, sharp tooth, sharp, spicy or hot food, hard or heavily used toothbrush are just a few examples.

Monitor your health and use a soft toothbrush, replacing it at least every few months. If using an electric one, ensure it has pressure sensors. And if the ulcer doesn’t heal within three weeks contact your dentist, especially if you smoke.

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