Moderation is key to brighter teeth

Moderation is key to brighter teeth: Dr Naveed Patel Answers your Dental Dilemmas

Moderation is the key

Q. How do I get a brighter, whiter smile this Christmas?
A. There are several things your dentist may be able to do for you to whiten your teeth, but there are a number of ways you can help to protect your enamel from stains in your everyday life.

Moderation in common habits can help reduce discolouration, staining and protect your oral health.

Drinking tea, the nation’s favourite beverage, is worse for staining your teeth than coffee. When you smoke, the tar and nicotine present in cigarettes can cause yellow or brown stains on your teeth.

A glass of red wine can be good for your health, but it’s nowhere near as good for your teeth. It, contains tannins and strong pigments that cling to your enamel and stain teeth.

High sugar content in most soft drinks isn’t the only thing you should be worried about; the colouring and acidity are also bad news for your teeth. With Christmas just around the corner, everybody is prepared and geared up for the festivities to get under way.

Mince pies, champagne, selection boxes and countless bags of sweets will no doubt make their way into our festive diets. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable time of year, but spare a thought for your teeth!

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