Smile Transformations

View our gallery of smiles we have created from life changing Smile Makeovers to Teeth Whitening. We hope you are inspired by our art work and can visualise your dream smile bringing reality that one step closer.



Dental Implants Makeover (Straumann Quality)

Case 12 This lady was sick of her dentures that were very loose and causing her to feel embarrassed. Fixed Dental Implants were placed with Porcelain Bridges as the perfect option allowing our patient to have her full smile back which contributed towards her confidence and well-being.

Dental Implants with Removal Dentures

dental implants showcaseAs you can see, this patient had only a few bottom teeth left and wore dentures. He wanted to be able to eat his favourite foods again and his dentures just couldn’t do the job at hand properly. We made him implant retained dentures which are basically dentures which clip onto dental implants like a press-stud effect. This was able to solve the problem of unstable dentures for our patient

Cosmetic Makeover with E-max Crowns and Straumann Dental Implantsimplant before and after 2This smile case was really rewarding. Our patient had lost his front tooth many years ago until he came across one of Synergy Dental Clinics ads in the newspaper which gave him the courage to get his smile back. A single dental implant and crowns for the front teeth made him feel younger and full of energy. His grand children could see and feel the difference immediately.

Straumann Dental Implants Case

implant before and after 3 Here we placed a single implant with our gold quality crown. As you can see the end result was very natural looking. Patient was wearing a partial denture to begin with and was at the point where it was becoming embarrassing.

Porcelain veneers Makeover

implant before and after 7This young lady was unhappy with the shape of her teeth. The transformation was really beautiful with a smile to die for. For this lady, we placed veneers on her top teeth which were perfect for this case giving a different shape, colour and alignment to the teeth very easily.

E-Max Crowns and Teeth Whitening using Enlighten 

implant before and after 4This patient regretted not looking after his teeth when he was younger and was in a face to face job which required him to gain trust from professional clients. He came to Synergy Dental to see how we could help after a recommendation. As you can see, the result improved the patient’s smile as well as giving support to his lips offering a younger appearance. This was achieved using our e.max crowns that are the worlds best constructed crowns.

Crowns Makeover

Case 12A very simple and easy transformation for our patient where crowns on her front 4 teeth made a drastic change within a few days.



Dental Implants with Straumann Implants and Enlighten Teeth Whitening

implant before and after 5Porcelain Veneers and Enlighten teeth Whitening

implant before and after 6E-Max Porcelain Vene

Case 12Inman Aligner Braces

Case 12E-max Porcelain veneers and Enlighten Teeth Whitening

Case 12Porcelain Veneers

Case 12E-max crowns and Lower partial Valplast Dentures

Case 12Gold Quality Dentures

Case 12Gold Quality Dentures

Case 14

Case 15

Case 16

Case 17

Case 18

Case 13