All I Want for Christmas Is a Healthy Smile

The festive season is fast approaching! We’re all guilty of using it as an excuse to over-indulge a bit more often than usual. These indulgences are often very acidic or sugar-heavy in content, so it’s important to pay special attention to your oral hygiene routine at this time of year.

With all of the social occasions that this season brings, it can be very easy to fall out of your regular routine. Buy yourself a folding travel toothbrush and toothpaste and keep it with you in your bag or purse. That way if you end up caught out you can still maintain your oral hygiene routine.

Turn the occasion into something positive: why not make your dental health a New Year’s resolution? Whether it’s ensuring you’re brushing twice a day or remembering to floss daily; there’s never a more perfect time to make yourself that promise.

Remember – everything in moderation. While you’re tucking into your mince pies and mulled wine, be aware that sugar is one of the biggest causes of plaque buildup. This can lead to enamel erosion and tooth decay. Always wait half an hour after a meal before you brush to avoid causing further damage, and drink water regularly to rinse your mouth of any debris.

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