Afraid to Smile? the Link Between Teeth and Self-Esteem

Due to recent research by the Oral Health Foundation, that many of us are afraid to smile. This comes from findings which suggest that roughly 51% of British adults have self-esteem issues and even anxiety about how their teeth look when they smile.

It’s an insecurity many of us appear to struggle with, and one that seems to be perpetuated by the images we see online and on television.The media, along with social media, are no strangers to the backlash surrounding false and unrealistic body expectations. This doesn’t seem to end just with how we view the appearance of our body.


The Cause

Many reports find that crooked teeth are a primary causer of people’s self-esteem issues about showing their teeth. Many will struggle with crooked teeth during their lifetime, showing that misalignment of our teeth is a common occurrence that happens when we’re still growing (even for me!). When our teeth are still growing and developing, our mouths can become overcrowded and cause our teeth to grow in abhorrent ways.

Although rather than getting treatment for this, most people will go against professional advice and avoid getting the traditional brace treatment without considering alternatives. Avoiding an issue such as misaligned teeth until adulthood can become a more difficult problem to fix because younger teeth respond a lot quicker to treatment than older teeth.

Avoid the process of traditional brace treatment can be due to various reasons. People may not want to undergo the stigma attached to getting braces, or some may have even heard horror stories about the treatment. Nevertheless, treatments such as Invisalign have become a more popular alternative in dental practices instead of traditional braces. Invisalign treatment is proven to be a lot more comfortable for patients, the plastic retainers are barely visible, and it is suggested patients may be able to see the results quicker. If you’re interested in the treatments, take a more detailed look at prices and how the treatment works on Synergy’s Invisalign page.

Misaligned teeth only scratch the surface of people’s self-esteem issues with their teeth. More self-esteem issues can arise from bad breath to stained teeth,  but it’s important to consult your dentist to find the best solutions for the problems with your teeth. Until then, support Oral Health Foundation’s message ‘show off your smile with confidence’ for national smile month and feel proud of your pearly whites!


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